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WWII Japanese 1,000 Stitch Belt with Flag and Charms
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A cotton belt bearing the 1,000 red stitches of the traditional "Sennibari" good luck belt. The belt has an overall length of approximately 42 inches, exclusive of the cloth ties. The belt is unusual in that it contains a central pocket in which the soldier carried a small silk flag with kanji (about 11 inches by 11 inches in size). The flag has three names on it, these likely being the names of the individuals who presented the flag to the soldier: Yasuda Masayoshi; Yamada Motohiko; and Oka Nobutoshi; a small brocade pouch (sewn shut) containing good luck charms; and two more charms, one being paper containing a charm and the other being a paper in which is wrapped a small wooden "O-mamori", or charm. The charm was from Narita-san, a Buddhist temple.