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Inert 1942 Dated Type 96 Japanese Navy Landing Flare
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Approximately 16 inches tall, the flare (which in fact looks like an aerial bomb) still has two paper labels affixed to the exterior. While much of the kanji is difficult to read, the information that is discernible includes a manufacturing date of "March, Showa 17th Year" (meaning March of 1942); "Type-96 Shimizu Illumination Signal/Torch"; and "Nippon Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd.". This exact type of ordnance was pictured in the World War II U.S. Army Technical Manual designated "TM9-1985-4", titled "Japanese Explosive Ordnance-Bombs,Bomb Fuzes, Land Mines, Grenades, Firing Devices and Sabotage Devices", published 1953, page 98. The piece shows the expected signs of age, with some rust on the surfaces. The number "16" is written on the nose.