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WWII Japanese Army Cavalry Medic Photo Album
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The album contains approximately 85 photographs. The album is 7 1/4 by 10 1/4 inches in size. The cover is dark green velvet and the cover depicts green collar tabs beneath a Red Cross. The color of the collar tabs suggests that the medical unit was a part of an army cavalry regiment. This is further indicated by the fact that at least two of the photographs within the album depict soldiers who are holding or wearing the Type 32 army cavalry sword. The photographs within the album contain a postcard of Emperor Hirohito and his wife, as well as a candid photograph of the Emperor in an army service uniform. There is a large unit photograph on which each unit member is identified. There are also a number of photographs of members of the unit wearing both service uniforms and white medical jackets, and with many of the photographs showing the red cross insignia on either the jackets or on armbands. There also appear to be photographs of soldiers who were casualties, wearing white patient robes with red crosses. Some of the photographs have the name of the subject written on them in kanji (and, in one example, in English), while some of the other photographs have labels beneath them with notations in kanji. There are a few photographs missing, but overall the album is in excellent condition.