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Near Mint WWII Signed Army Officer Shin Gunto Sword
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A superb example of a World War II sword for an officer of the Imperial Japanese Army. The sword shows only minimal signs of use and wear. It is in truly exceptional condition in comparison to similar swords of the period and is characterized as in near mint condition. The sword tang is singed "Kuninaga", which was the swordsmith name of Fukuda Eitaro, who was born on 10 October, 1905 and who is listed in reference works on Japanese swordsmiths. The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 39 inches with a blade length of approximately 27 inches. The blade is very bright overall, with only a few scratches. The blade is without nicks, chips or active rust and has a very sharp cutting edge. A subtle horizontal temper line runs along the cutting edge of the blade. The tsuba is the solid style, with raised cherry blossoms in relief and and a gilt finish. The grip is covered in white skin, with a wrap in the traditional fashion in copper colored colored silk tape. There are some slightly darker spots where the officer's left hand would have rested on the grip, providing one of the few signs that the sword was actually worn and carried and not simply liberated from the swordsmith's forge or the shop of a military sword retailer. The menuki beneath the wrapping on both sides is the normally seen style with three cherry blossoms and the menuki are bright with largely intact gilt finish. The metal scabbard retains essentially 100% of its original brown paint but displays a small shallow dent above the upper ring. The sword is in overall outstanding condition.