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Near Mint Decorated Dove Head Army Officer Sword
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A very fine and beautiful example of a decorated dove head style Army officer sword. The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 36 inches, with a blade length of 30 1/2 inches. The blade is mirror bright, with some relatively minor spots and scratches, but no chips, nicks, or rust. The ricasso is unmarked as to manufacturer. The guard has an open wing eagle, while the knuckle guard features a relief closed wing "Wehrmacht style" eagle. The pommel is a "dove head" style, but the pommel, back strap, knuckle guard, and ferrule are all impressively decorated with relief designs to include oak leaves and the closed wing eagle of the knuckle guard. The grip is black celluloid over wood. It is triple wrapped with brass wire, with the celluloid having a crack just beneath the pommel. Most of the superb fire gilt finish on the fittings appears to be intact and only slightly toned with age. The black scabbard paint has some scratches and spots of wear, primarily to the carrying ring, but the paint is essentially completely intact. It is somewhat dull with age and would likely respond well to a careful cleaning.