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Japanese Navy Officer Type 97 Kai Gunto Sword
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The sword has an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 36 inches with a blade length of approximately 22 inches. The blade is quite bright and it is without chips or active rust, and has two or three barely perceptible nicks to the extreme edge. The blade has a very distinct, and very distinctive, temper line. The tang has three holes, is black in color, and is unmarked and unsigned. The tsuba is plain, blackened brass. The grip is covered in black shark skin and it is wrapped in the traditional fashion in dark brown silk tape. The standard gilt military menuki of three cherry blossoms is beneath the wrapping on both sides. The wood scabbard is covered in polished black shark skin and carries gilt fittings. Tied to the pommel cap of the sword is an original chocolate brown tassel. The sword is in overall excellent condition and makes a fine presentation.