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WWII/Korean War/Vietnam War Marine Corps M1 Helmet
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The M1 helmet shell has a front seam, dating production to the period of World War II. The front interior has a heat stamp that appears to be in the 900 numeric range. The helmet shell has a painted exterior of the lighter green that was used after the war, though chips in that paint show the original darker, cork infused, olive drab paint of the Second World War. The helmet has swivel bales for the chin strap. The shell has a 1953 dated Marine Corps camouflage cover which, based upon the wear marks, has obviously been on the helmet for a very long time. The liner is of the Vietnam War period and, like the helmet, it shows obvious wear and field use, with the liner lacking the circular leather headband. Overall the helmet exhibits a great deal of character, and reflects a piece of combat headgear whose active life spanned three wars.