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Annotated WWII G.I. Wallet
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A leather wallet with hand written annotations which include "Cpl. Wm Gaines 6977732 Oahu Massena N.Y. Aloha Hawaii 39-43 + 44". There is a notation of "Posy + Bill" and another notation of "Posy-Posewitz". There are several photographs of a young woman in the wallet, and this is presumably "Posy", the girlfriend of William Gaines. Other notations include Hawaii-Dec. 1939; North Africa 1943; Australia 1943; New Guenia [sic] 1943; Guadaconal [sic] 1942; Canton Island 42; Solman [sic] Island 42; Panama 1939; New York 39; Calif. 44; Sipan [sic] island 44; Marshalls [sic] island 44; Christmas Island". An interesting wallet worthy of further research.