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WWII USN LSM Pacific Veteran Diaries & Terrain Handbook
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Two diaries of Navy Boatswain's Mate Jack Kenny, a professional boxer who enlisted in the Navy in July of 1942 and who served in the Pacific aboard LSM (Landing Ship Medium) 150. The diaries are hard cover, legibly written, and cover the period of time from the end of November, 1944, until June of 1946. Tucked into the diaries is a multi page account written by Kenny that covers his enlistment in the Navy in July of 1942 through his training and his voyage to the Pacific, ending where the first volume of the diary picks up. There is also a postcard photograph of Kenny that was a publicity card for his boxing career, and there is a "restricted" terrain handbook for Tacloban in the Philippine Islands. Most entries are concerning the mundane operations of the ship and his personal life. The July 1st and 2nd 1945 entries describe the beach landings at Borneo as: "caught hell from Jap mortar fire", "fires burning on beach all night and day - destroyers & cruisers shelled em throughout. Mortar fire continues". The diary volumes are approximately 5 by 8 inches in size.