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SOLD Type 90 Navy Helmet / 1st Model Cover / Camo Net
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An exceptionally clean example of the Type 90 combat helmet as worn by personnel of the Imperial Japanese Navy, including the members of the Naval Landing Forces. The helmet interior shows relatively light use to the liner. The "pillows" behind the leather liner tongues remain filled. The interior of the helmet bears painted numerical designations as well as handwritten kanji which is presumably the name of the original owner of the helmet. The fabric chin strap is complete and intact, showing the expected signs of wear. The cloth cover is the first pattern and it is free of noticeable stains or holes. The front bears the multi piece wool insignia of the Imperial Navy. The metal helmet insignia can be clearly felt beneath the cover at this location. The cloth helmet cover is itself covered by the Japanese camouflage net which, like the helmet and the cover, is in excellent condition. The net was painted green to blend in with foliage and strands of green cord were tied to the net as camouflage material. Overall the helmet, cover and net are together a superb example of an Imperial Navy combat helmet of World War II that would be extremely difficult to upgrade in terms of completeness and condition.