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Luftwaffe Officer Dagger & Hangers by Ernst Pack & Son
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On Hold


A second model Luftwaffe officer dagger with hangers and portepee, the blade being manufacturer marked with the Siegfried logo of the firm of Ernst Pack and Son. The blade is bright but it has a fair amount of surface dirt and would likely respond well to a careful cleaning. The lower half of the blade has gray areas on each side. The grip is an egg yolk colored celluloid with one small chip on the upper side. The grip wire is loose but intact. An officer dagger portepee is wrapped around the grip. It shows wear, with some fraying of the cord, but it is complete. The scabbard is dark gray and uncleaned. The hangers show wear and age that matches the dagger. There is some very minor fraying in the center of the fabric but is is not particularly noticeable at all.