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Jump Wings with Star, Bracelet, & Parachute Silk Scarf
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A small grouping comprised of a WWII airborne paratrooper wing, full size, pin back, and marked "sterling", with a star affixed to the front representing one combat jump. The group also includes a large section of camouflage silk, triangular in shape, and cut from a parachute for wear as a scarf inside the wool uniform shirt (the American paratroopers who made the combat jump into Holland in 1944 used camouflage parachutes). Finally, the group includes a sterling silver identification bracelet, engraved on one side with the name "Jordon V. Watts" and, on the opposite side, with the service number of 2585647. This is actually a post-WWII U.S. Navy service number for Watts, and research indicates that he began serving in the Navy in 1948. The grouping was found together and it is being kept together. There is the possibility that Jordan Watts served as a paratrooper in World War II and, after the war, enlisted in the Navy. Additionally, the book "Screaming Eagles", which contains a roster of the men of the 101st Airborne Division in World War II, contains a few men with the last name "Watts", and so these items may well have belonged to two brothers. The wings and bracelet have an uncleaned patina. The parachute silk scarf was nicely stitched on the edges after it was cut from the parachute to keep it from fraying, and it remains in excellent used condition.