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Boxed WWI French Made Aviator Goggles
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A pair of French manufactured goggles as used by aviators of the First World War. Rectangular glass lenses with straight inner edges and curved outer edges to wrap around the eyes of the pilot. Each lens is lines with green wool padding. The lenses are attached in the center by a small square of leather that is stitched to the side of each frame. The stitching on this nose piece evidently wore out from use and was repaired with re-stitching at some point. The interior edge of the frame of one lens is marked "Deposee & Brevetee France (SGDG) & Etranger" ("Brevetee" is the French term for "Patented". The "SGDG" mark is an abbreviation for the term which meant "Without any guarantee by the government". This term was required to be placed on patented articles for many years in France. It was the government's way of saying "We may have granted a patent for this product, but we're not making any guarantees about it. That's on the manufacturer". The "Deposee" term essentially means "registered Trademark"). The gogles were worn by use of an elestic strap with a hook and eye closure. The strap remains attached, although it has lost its elasticity. The goggles are contained within their original blue cardboard box. The lid of the box bears a crest and the trademark designation of "Marque Deposee". The box shows wear and age, and has a small hole in one side.