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1942 War Bonds Poster with Japanese Souvenirs
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On Hold


The poster shows an Associated Press photographer in the Pacific with his Japanese war souvenirs, delicately referred to as "Jap Loot" in the text. The poster is 10 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches in size and was one of a series that was sent to subscribers by the Tel-Pics Company during the war. The posters were mailed with two holes at the top for ease of posting in the subscriber's officer or place of business. This example was sent to a restaurant in Philadelphia. The poster is dated in October of 1942 and shows a large variety of Japanese military souvenirs that had been collected: rifles, a machine gun, canteens, combat helmets and a sun helmet, and of course the item that was one of the most prized of all souvenirs: a signed Japanese "Good Luck" flag. The text even notes that such flags were found in nearly every Japanese kit that was captured. A fascinating poster that bears out the popular perception of the time that the Americans always had an eye out for souvenirs. The smaller size of the poster makes it ideal for framing. The poster has the typical fold lines from having been folded at the time that it was produced and placed into the mail, but it is in overall very good condition.