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Large Named WWI Red Cross Worker Scrapbook
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A large scrapbook assembled by Miss Alice Hill Chittendon, who served in the American Red Cross during the First World War. The scrapbook consists of approximately 82 large card stock pages, each approximately 11 by 15 inches in size. The pages are not bound, and there are no margin holes to indicate that Miss Crittendon ever actually assembled the pages in a binder. Mounted on the pages are a wide variety of materials from the pre-war period, the war itself, and the post-war period (including a newspaper photograph of a group of First World War recipients of the Medal of Honor who were attending an American Legion convention). These materials as a whole include newspaper clippings such as articles, photos, and political cartoons; original letters, documents, and photographs; and commercially produced postcards. The group also includes a large broadsheet dated November 11, 1918, announcing the ed of the war through the armistice. Additionally, the group includes several copies of the military "Stars and Stripes" newspaper, all dating from late 1918 or early 1919 (and, curiously, the group also includes a single copy of an American military newspaper published in the China Burma India Theater during World War II). The materials include two photographs that show Miss Crittendon. One of these is a large group photo with British and American sailors, and the other is a portrait photograph of her in a Red Cross uniform and on the shoulder of which she wears the Army of Occupation patch. There is also an excellent identified portrait photograph of a member of the 2nd Engineers, 2nd Division, wearing a gas mask bag painted with his name, and a 2nd Division shoulder patch. The scrapbook further includes a number of letters written to Miss Crittendon by servicemen whom she met while serving in the Red Cross. The condition of the group is quite good, although the newsprint materials show the typical age and flaking that is expected from such paper after the passage of a century. A fascinating assemblage of materials from a woman who served in the Red Cross during World War I.