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Luftwaffe Double Decal Air Base Fire Brigade Helmet
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On Hold


The helmet is the lighter weight "Vulcanfiber" material that was utilized for a period of time for fire fighting units. The helmet has a screened air vent on each side. The exterior paint is blue gray and it is approximately 90% intact, with some minor scrapes and indentations in the helmet surface. Both the toned Luftwaffe eagle decal and the national colors shield decal are about 90% intact. The helmet has a white line painted around the circumference in accordance with a 1940 regulation that the helmets of the Luftwaffe air base fire brigades were to mark their helmets with such a white stripe. The interior of the helmet has the complete padded liner that is seen in fire brigade helmets, the liner being stamped as a size 54. The helmet also has the complete quick release chin strap harness system that was often used in fire police helmets. Overall very good condition.