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First Special Service Force V-42 Case Fighting Knife
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The V-42 fighting knife, manufactured by hand by the Case Company and issued to the members of the First Special Service Force. The knife has the "skull crusher" pommel which is secured by a pin; a grooved leather grip; a leather cushioned crossguard; and the blade which is marked "Case" and which bears the distinctive "thumbprint" design on the ricasso on one side on one side of the blade, with all of the lines of the "print" running from edge to edge, a distinct characteristic of an original V-42 knife. The blued finish on the blade is approximately 50% intact, there is a spot of pitting at the thumbprint and into the upper blade. The knife is contained within its original, uncut, leather sheath, secured by staples at the throat and diamond shaped rivets on the edges. The hanger on the original sheath is particularly long, since it was originally expected that the members of the First Special Service Force would be deployed in cold climates. The long hanger was intended to allow the knife to be worn on a belt so that the knife itself would be exposed below the hem of a long winter parka. Many of the Force med would cut down the hanger to make the carrying of the knife more manageable, but this hanger remains complete and intact, even to having its original tie down cord at the bottom of the knife sheath. Overall very good condition.