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1943 Dated Gau Bayreuth Winterhilfswerk Donation Can
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A money collection can for the Third Reich Winterhilfswerk program. Formally designated as the "Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes" (or "Winter Relief of the German People", and abbreviated as the "WHW"), the program was a charitable drive conducted by the Nazi Party to collect money for the relief of more impoverished German families. The collection drives were conducted from October to March of each year.

This is a fine example of a money collection can used during the WHW drive. The can bears the raised identification of Gau Bayreuth, and the bottom of the can bears the raised manufacturer's mark as well as the date of "43" (In fact, Gau Bayreuth was known as "Gau Bayerische Ostmark" until 1942, when the name was changed). The can has a slot for coins as well as an opening for "Papier Geld", or paper currency. The lid also bears an individual serial number for the specific can, this one being "32010". The can is in excellent condition, showing only minimal use (and, indeed, having been produced in 1943 the can would have only been used for two collection drives before the war ended). The original key to lock the lid in place is still present with the collection can.

Additionally, the town of Bayreuth itself was well known in the Third Reich as the home of the "Bayreuth Festival" each year. The festival was a showcase for the works of Richard Wagner, Hitler's favorite composer, and Hitler himself attended the festival every year.