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WWII / Korean War Army-Navy-Air Force Pilot's Tunic
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A very interesting and impressive U.S. Air Force officer's uniform jacket, worn by a Lieutenant Colonel who served as a pilot in the Air Force (and likely the Army Air Force as well) and whose ribbons also reflect service in the United States Navy as well. The tunic is a high quality, tailored wool, uniform jacket. The lapels bear bullion "U.S." officer insignia while the shoulders carry bullion rank insignia. On the upper left breast is a bullion embroidered pilot wing and below this is a set of embroidered ribbons reflecting 18 different medals and awards. The ribbons include the U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal; the U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal; and ribbons for service in Europe and the Pacific in World War II as well as as for service in the Korean War. On the left shoulder is a bullion embroidered "Korea" arc. An extremely impressive uniform jacket worn by an officer who likely served in the United States Navy before World War II and who then served in the United States Army Air Corps, first as an enlisted man and then being trained as a pilot and commissioned as an officer upon receiving is wings. After World War II he then became an officer of the new United States Air Force and served in Korea. The ribbons interestingly do not include the usual decorations of a combat pilot such as the Air Medal or the Distinguished Flying Cross. The officer who wore the tunic was most probably a transport pilot who served around the world in two wars.