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Named WWII M1917A1 U.S. Navy Combat Helmet
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A fine example of the M1917A1 combat helmet, which was approved for service in 1934, and which was essentially the same helmet used by the U.S. Army in World War I but with a re-designed and improved liner system and chin strap. This example was painted over the entire exterior in a Navy "Battleship Gray" color and which then had a large white triangle emblem painted on the front of the helmet, the exact meaning of which is unknown. The M1917A1 helmets were provided to the Navy upon production but, like the later M1 combat helmets, they were always provided to the Navy in a green paint scheme. The only Navy helmets that were delivered to the Navy in a color other than green were the MK2 communications helmets. Otherwise, if the Navy crews painted the helmets, they did so with the paint that was available on hand. This example of a Navy M1917A helmet was named by the individual who were the helmet. He incised his name into the leather liner, along with a number and another word, all of which might take a bit of effort to decipher. Overall the helmet is in excellent service used condition, and is complete with its original chin strap.