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WWII Front Seam Fixed Bale M1 Combat Helmet
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The exterior olive drab, cork infused, combat paint is approximately 90% intact, with the exterior having typical scratches, scuff marks, and light surface rust, as usually seen on the M1 helmets that were worn in the combat theaters. The interior of the helmet shell bears a heat stamp that appears to be "237D". The liner is a CAPAC model, complete with original chin strap. The liner has a 2" crack on the rear edge. The helmet shell has its original web chinstrap, but the right side female section of the snap closure is gone. The front left side of the helmet has a stress crack that is about 1 1/2 inches long, these stress cracks often being seen in the earlier production helmets. There is also a crack in the rear of the liner. Overall the helmet is a good, complete example of a true World War II American combat helmet, with the fixed bales and front seam leaving no doubt that it was produced about the middle of the war, and with its appearance similarly leaving no doubt that this helmet was worn in an area of combat operations.