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SOLD Near Mint Luftwaffe Tropical "Hermann Meyer" Cap
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The Luftwaffe introduced a khaki cotton visor cap with embroidered insignia in April of 1942 for wear by officers and enlisted personnel in tropical or desert climates. The only difference between the officer and the enlisted versions was the chin cord that was worn, with enlisted personnel wearing a leather chin strap, while officers wore the standard silver bullion chin cord of the Luftwaffe officer's visor cap. This example of the cap does not appear to have ever been issued or worn. It is dated 1943 on the interior, with a stamped RB number as well as bearing the stamped size of 53 1/2. The cap has three buttons around the cap band. The two forward buttons would have secured the chin cord, and all three buttons were used to attach a khaki drape that protected the wearer's neck from the sun. Excellent, near unissued, condition.