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Named Vietnam War Era M1 Combat Helmet "Hell Country"
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The complete M1 combat helmet of a U.S. Army Sergeant from the Vietnam War. The helmet is covered with the classic ERDL reversible camouflage helmet cover which is secured by the elastic olive green cover band. The web chin strap is complete and intact. The owner of the helmet wrote notations on the elastic helmet cover band, on the exterior of the helmet liner, and on the interior of the helmet shell. These notations included his name, his rank, and his service number: Army Sgt. Rosario, R. 51611803; his places and dates of service: "Vietnam Thailand 3-1967 / 7-1968"; and he wrote several sentiments about his service in that war: "Fire of Hell"; "Hell Country"; and "From Hell to Eternity". Overall the helmet is in very good condition, with the expected signs of use and wear, particularly to the edges of the camouflage cover, but the cover has bright colors, a distinctive pattern, and it is without holes or tears. Overall an excellent example of a Vietnam War Era combat helmet that is named to an Army non commissioned officer who served in Vietnam at the height of the war, including the period of the Tet Offensive. The American M1 helmet, with its ERDL camouflage cover and olive drab cover strap, is one of the iconic symbols of the Vietnam War.