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SOLD Luftwaffe Air Ministry/Construction Visor Cap
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The visor cap of an enlisted ranks or NCO of the Luftwaffe with scarce black piping. Until December of 1939, black was the Luftwaffe waffenfarbe used by officers and enlisted personnel assigned to the Air Ministry. After December of 1939 the black waffenfarbe was assigned for use by members of the Luftwaffe Construction Engineer units. The cap is constructed of dark blue-gray wool with a black mohair cap band and black piping. The body of the cap has surface dust but it is without stains or moth damage.The bottom edge of the cap shows wear and at one section the wool has worn through to expose the interior cardboard liner of the cap band. The interior of the cap shows wear, and the lining has come loose at points beneath the leather sweatband. The full celluloid sweat shield is present and intact. The leather visor surface is a bit dull from age but it is free of crazing. Overall this is a scarce cap in very good condition, and it makes an excellent appearance.