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Japanese Navy Medic Signed Silk Flag "Kamikaze Spirit!"
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An exceptional Japanese silk "Good Luck" flag of World War II. The flag is approximately 27 1/2 by 39 1/2 inches in size. The writing indicates that the flag was presented to Navy Medical Seaman First Class [and] Army Instructor Kimura Isami, and the flag bears the signature of Navy Captain Horiuchi Jinshiro. The kanji on this flag includes multiple patriotic declarations, which include: "Immovable Empire"; "Loyalty and Patriotism"; "Strongly like a tiger"; "Continued luck in the Fortunes of War"; and "Kamikaze Spirit!". The flag has two reinforced leather corners with intact ties. The flag has some typical spots, but nothing distracting, and no holes, tears, or separations.

Captain Horiuchi, who signed the flag, was a senior Navy Engineering officer who had graduated in Class 11 as an Engineering Ensign in 1903, and who continued to serve in the Imperial Navy, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain.