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Named WWII Japanese Yokohama Civil Defense Helmet
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A World War II Japanese Civil Defense helmet, showing the signs of serious use in a city that was the target of intensive American bombing during the war. On May 29, 1945, the city was the target of a B-29 bombing mission that became known as "The Great Yokohama Air Raid", when more than 40% of the city was destroyed by incendiary bombs in just a little over an hour. The exterior helmet paint is approximately 85% intact. The most noticeable loss is a spot on one side that appears to have been exposed to high heat or flame. The interior liner shows wear and use but it is complete. The liner band has extensive notations in kanji, which identify the helmet owner as "Sakutada" of the Yokohama 2nd squadron. There is also a hand drawn cherry blossom on the liner. The fabric chin strap is complete.