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WWII M1936 Army Musette Bag
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On Hold


The olive drab cotton Model 1936 Musette Bag, particularly popular with American paratroopers in World War II. The bag has a rear flap pocket with a snap closure, and a side cargo pocket, also with a snap, although the snap on this example has lost some of its tension and doesn't exactly snap closed at this point. There are two short straps with metal tab ends on the cover flap which connect to two short straps with buckles to close the main flap of the bag. The flap has the equipment tab with eyelets for securing additional pieces of gear, such as an entrenching tool, to the flap cover. Two parallel web straps are sewn to the back of the Musette Bag vertically. The straps each loop through a snap hook and double back to an adjusting buckle. The straps were intended to attach the top rear of the bag to the M-1936 combat suspenders using the snap hooks. The bag shows use but overall it is in very good condition.