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Complete Japanese Navy Aviation Aircraft Medical Bag
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The bag is white cotton canvas with a carrying strap. The cover flap has an medical red cross insignia sewn to it, and kanji identifying the bag as medical equipment that was to be carried on an airplane of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The bag remains full, stocked with multiple packages of Japanese bandages of different types and sizes, with the packaging itself bearing the anchor emblem of the Japanese Navy. There are a total of 10 packages of bandages contained within multiple interior compartments. The bag itself weighs well over 4 pounds. It measures approximately 14 inches long by 7 inches wide by 8 inches high. The cover is secured in place by two ties that pass through two loops on the underside of the bag. One of these two loops is torn, but it remains otherwise intact on the bag. The bag shows expected signs of age but overall the bag and contents are in very good condition.