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Imperial/Third Reich 4 Place Customs Service Medal Bar
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A 4 place medal bar comprised of the 1939 War Merit Cross, with swords; the Hindenburg Cross, without swords; the Third Reich 25 year Faithful Service Cross; and the Third Reich customs Service long service cross. The ribbons are furled and padded. The Customs Service decoration has the ribbon device separately sewn to the bar above the decoration. Interestingly, the War Meric Cross was sew on in reverse, so that the "1939" date facs out and the swastika is facing to the back. The War Merit Cross has a nice, intact bronze finish. The Faithful Service Cross has nice frosting intact on the finish. The Hindenburg Cross is manufacturer marked on the reverse. The entire bar is backed with black wool. Overall excellent condition. A very attractive bar with a scarce example of a bar mounted Customs Service decoration.