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German Ersatz M1898 / 05 Sawback Bayonet
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An Ersatz version of the Model 1898 / 05 sawback blade bayonet. The grips are steel rather than wood. The muzzle ring remains on the guard. The saw teeth start further from the cross guard than the true 98/05 bayonet, the ersatz metal scabbard imitates the pre-war leather and steel scabbard. There is an inspection mark on the ricasso, and one on the spine, but otherwise the bayonet is unmarked, as is typical for the ersatz models. The blade length is 14 1/4 inches, with the bayonet having an overall length in the scabbard of 20 inches. The bayonet blade has typical spots, and the finish of the scabbard shows age and wear, but overall the bayonet is in very good field used condition for a weapon that is over 100 years old. The bayonet remains in its original buff leather frog.