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German Army Officer Panther Head Sword by F.W. Holler
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The sword has an overall length of approximately 38 inches in the scabbard, with a blade length of 32 inches. The ricasso is marked beneath the langet with the thermometer trademark of the Holler firm. The blade is very bright, with some typical minor spots and scratches but without chips, nicks, or rust. The panther head pommel is set with red glass eyes. The assembly screw on to of the panther's head was nicely finished by the factory with engraved lines of "fur" so that the screw would blend in with the surface of the pommel. As usually happens, the gilt finish has worn away from the exterior surface of that screw, but the gilt finish to the rest of the pommel, grip, back strap and crossguard appears to be largely intact and toned with age to a muted gold color. The black celluloid grip is free of cracks or chips and remains tightly wrapped with triple wire. The scabbard has one very shallow "ding" below the scabbard band, but otherwise it is completely free of any indentations. The black scabbard paint is approximately 90% intact.