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Scarce Early Original 1942 Ambulance Funds Poster
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A scarce example of an early World War II poster that was distributed to raise funds by the British and American Ambulance Corps, Incorporated, of New York City. The artwork for the poster was done by noted illustrator Adolph Treidler, who produced a number of wel known posters during both World War I and World War II. This image was an unusual example of propaganda since it does not show victorious allied troops in battle but, instead, it depicts a rather forlorn U.S. Army Sergeant standing dejectedly behind a barbed wire fence that is being guarded by a large Nazi soldier(you can tell that he is a Nazi, of course, from his prominent swastika armband, despite the fact that such armbands were not worn by any German soldiers as a part of their combat uniforms). The poster is 14 by 20 inches in size, is dated 1942, and bears the designation across the bottom that indicates the cause for which the poster was created. There is a light horizontal fold like and there are a few edge chips and small tears. There is also a tear of about 1 1/2 inches, running up from the bottom center of the poster, that was repaired with a piece of cellophane tape. Overall, however, the colors remain bright and the image is as striking as it was when it was first created. It is a very uncommon poster of World War II, which did not have anywhere near the distribution numbers of the posters that were officially produced by the United States Government.