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Third Reich Police NCO Degen by Paul Weyersberg
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The degen has an overall length on the scabbard of approximately 37 1/2 inches, with a blade length of 31 1/2 inches. The matte finish blade has some typical light scratches and some dark spots on each side at the ricasso, but overall the blade is in very good condition. The black ebony grip shows slight wear to the finish. It is free of cracks and has only one tiny chip above the wing of the eagle insignia. However, aside from the fact that this is is so small as to almost unnoticeable, it is also quite dark and it may well have occurred when the police eagle insignia was originally set into the grip. The eagle insignia is the aluminum variet and it has excellent detail. The ferrule has a fine oak leaf design with factory burnishing behind the oak leaves. The pommel cap shows light surface rust as does the "D" guard. The scabbard is straight with a small dent on one side just above the drag. The scabbard paint is approximately 90% intact. One side of the scabbard has affixed to it an old "DYMO" style embossed label of the type that was in popular use in the late 1960's. The label identifies the sword as having been taken at Fort Driant, Metz, France, in 1944. That fort was captured by the U.S. 5th Infantry Division in early December of 1944, and it was found that its defenders included units of the 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division.