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Large Third Reich Kriegsmarine War Flag 5 by 8 Feet
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On Hold


A large Third Reich Kriegsmarine national war flag, of printed wool construction. The flag is marked on the hoist edge with the Kriegsmarine acceptance mark and with the size of 150 centimeters by 250 centimeters, or approximately 59 inches (about 5 feet) by 98 inches (about 8 feet, 2 inches). A war flag of this size was specified to be used on German Navy ships of between 500 and 1,500 tons. This category would have included some of the German torpedo boats, minesweepers, and escort ships. The rope remains intact on the hoist edge. The flag has the small scattered holes that are typical for flags of this size and type, but these are not especially distracting and the colors remain bright, with the flag being impressive in overall appearance.