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WWII Rear Seam Swivel Bale M1 Combat Helmet
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A World War II M1 combat helmet with a rear seam and swivel bales. The exterior, cork infused, olive green paint is approximately 80% intact. The helmet exhibits two short vertical stress cracks on the left side, each about 1 inch long. These cracks are limited to the exterior surface and do not penetrate to the interior. The helmet also experienced a crack in the center rear, that ran from the rim upwards for about 1 3/4 inches. This was addressed with a bit of spot welding in the field (talk about a helmet that has "been there"). There is no visible heat stamp in the front of the helmet shell. The interior of the shell shows typical spots of rust as well as two shades of paint, a lighter green and the darker, olive green, of the exterior. The fiber liner is manufacturer marked by Firestone and shows wear and use to the interior. The liner is lacking its chin strap, but the web chin strap of the helmet itself remains in place. Overall the helmet is in good used condition, with a number of interesting characteristics that demonstrate why they were called "combat" helmet".