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WWII U.S. Marine Corps Baseball Team Jersey
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The jersey of a member of a World War II baseball team, worn by someone who played the game for an organization that was not only older than the game itself, but which is actually older than the country that it serves: the United States Marine Corps. The jersey is a gray wool shirt, tagged as a size 38. The shirt has a 5 button front, with the neck and short sleeves being trimmed in red. The word "Marines" is spelled out on the front of with wool letters that are individually sewn to the shirt. The shirt has ventilation holes beneath each arm, and there was certainly attention to detail in the constr4uction of the shirt. But then, what would you expect from the Marine Corps? The detail is reflected by the fact that there is a front buttonhole right on the letter "I" in "Marines". The manufacturer of the shirt made certain that the button at that spot was red, and not white like the others. In other words, the button was camouflaged so as to blend in with the lettering of the shirt. that is what you call attention to detail. The shirt shows expected signs of age and use. This was certainly what the sports collectors would call a "game worn" jersey. However, although it has the typical spots and such, it is in excellent condition for its vintage. Additionally, there has been posted with this listing a photograph that was found on the internet. It depicts a baseball team of U.S. Marines on the island of Kwajalein in the Pacific in 1945. As can be seen, those Marines are wearing this same jersey. The photograph can be found on the website that is devoted to the history of Marine Bomb Squadron 613 in World War II, located at www.vmb613.com.