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War Merit Cross with Award Document to Fire Police
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A 1939 War Merit Cross, second class, with swords, marked on the suspension ring with the number "127", indicating manufacture by the firm of Moritz Hausch A.G. in Pforzheim. The medal is die stamped, alloy construction with a largely intact bronze finish. The medal is on a short length of original ribbon. The medal is accompanied by the award document. The document is approximately 5 3/4 by 8 inches in size. It was printed on a lightweight paper that has the watermark "Friesenpost". The document reflects that the medal was awarded to Karl-Peter Wasserscheidt, a Major of the Fire Police in Kiel, with an award date of 10 August 1943. The award was made by the authority of a Luftwaffe General commanding the air defense district of Luftgau XI, with the document bearing the General's printed signature and the stamp of Luftgau XI. The air defense district of Luftgau XI included the city of Kiel, and it seems likely that the award resulted from the actions of Major Wasserscheidt's Fire Police unit in responding to bombing raids on Kiel, a city that was a strategic port and ship building site. The document has a light horizontal fold but overall both the medal and document are in very good condition.