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Near Mint German Police Administration Officer Uniform
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A full uniform, comprised of tunic and piped trousers, for a Hauptmann, or Captain, of the Third Reich Police Administration branch (the Polizei Verwaltungs). The uniform is made of a very high quality wool in the distinctive blue green color of the police. The tunic and the trousers are piped in gray, the color of the police administrative branch. Beneath the right shoulder board is a button, and there is also a small button inside of the front of the uniform, both of which would have been to permit the wear of the officer's dress aiguillette. The interior of the tunic has a closure belt. There is also a leather sword suspension hanger which slides into the interior slot of the uniform and which permits a sword to be worn. On the pleat of the left breast pocket there is a set of loops for the wearing of a badge, and above the pocket are 8 small loops for the wear of a long ribbon bar or, on dress occasions, a long medal bar. The dress trousers are complete with their original suspenders. The front of the trousers have three very small holes next to and below the button fly. These are barely perceptible and not at all distracting. Overall the uniform shows only light use and is in near mint condition.