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Third Reich Schutzpolizei NCO Tunic with I.D. Ausweis
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On Hold


A very nice example of the service tunic for a non commissioned officer of the State Protection Police, or Schutzpolizei. The slip on shoulder boards reflect the rank of Revier Oberwachtmeister. The tunic is constructed of an issue quality quality wool blend material in the distinctive police blue-green color, piped in green for the State Protection Police. On the left sleeve is the police eagle, hand sewn to the sleeve. The tunic has only light signs of wear and use. The tunic has an interior integral waist belt as well as a slot for wearing the hanger of a sword or bayonet. Overall the tunic is in excellent lightly used condition and makes a very fine appearance. In the pocket of the tunic was found a Police Identification Document, or "Dienstausweis". The document is approximately 4 inches by 5 3/4 inches in overall size, with 4 pages. The cover bears the police eagle and Ausweis number 15639, and it identifies the holder of the document as Paul Rolle. The holder's duty assignment is not entirely clear due to wear to the document cover, but it includes the abbreviation "Sch.", for "Schutzpolizei". The second page indicates that the document was issued on June 4, 1943, in Hambrug to Rolle, who was born on November 13, 1893, in Hamburg. The line on which his duty assignment was written is not clear, nor is the official stamp that was applied. The third page has entries from 1943 and 1944, made by Captains of the Schutzpolizei, and validating the document. The last page bears a photograph of Rolle in uniform. It is riveted to the page and bears two Hamburg police stamps. In the photograph Rolle wears a uniform essentially identical to the uniform in which the card was found, the only difference being that in the photograph he wears shoulder boards reflecting the rank of either Unterwachtmeister or Rottmeister.