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Large Eickhorn Hunting Ass'n Ceremonial Boar Spear
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A large and heavy advertising and sales display blade by the renowned dagger firm of Carl Eickhorn. The blade is fashioned as the point on the long spear ("Saufeder") that was used to hunt wild boar in Germany. The spear point stands nearly 14 inches tall and weighs slightly over 3 pounds. The spear head and its base are etched with dramatic designs. On one side of the spear is the stag head and swastika emblem of the "Deutsche Jgerschaft" (the German Hunting Association). On the opposite side is the etched declaration "Original Eickhorn Blanke Waffen" (essentially meaning "Original Eickhorn Edged Weapons", i.e., daggers, swords, and so on). Approximately 4 inches of the overall 14 inch length of the piece is a decorated square base. Going all the way around this base is a swastika "meandros", or "Greek Key", design of continuous, connected, swastikas (This same design appeared on the edges of the formal pattern silverware of Adolf Hitler). Additionally, each side of the base is also etched with a different embellishment beyond the Greek key. On one side is found an etched image of dogs attacking a wild boar, a scene that frequently appeared on the blades of Third Reich Hunting Association or Forestry Service cutlasses. A second side of the base features the classic squirrel logo of the Carl Eickhorn firm. On a third side is a hunting panoply that includes oak leaves, a rifle, a hunting bag, and a sword; once again, this was a design that could be found on hunting blades of the Third Reich period; and on the fourth side of the base is a poem in German: "Steile hange, grobe sauen, kuhler sekt und leichte frauen, sind des jagers fruher tod!" (A rough translation of this poem would be "Steep slopes, angry sows, sparkling wine, and easy women are the causes of a Hunter's early death!". The bottom of the base is hollow, with an opening that is approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. It seems apparent that this spear head was intended to be placed onto a base and then displayed on the counter of a retailer of Eickhorn swords and daggers, with the spear head serving as an impressive demonstration of Eickhorn's artistry and quality in the field of edged weapons. The spear head shows expected indications of age and storage but overall it is in excellent condition and makes an exceptionally impressive appearance.