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Hitler Youth Knife RZM M7/33: F. W. Holler
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A Third Reich Hitler Jugend Knife within the original scabbard. The ricasso bears the RZM mark of M7/33, indicating manufacture by the firm of F.W. Holler of Solingen. The blade is generally bright, with indications of sharpening. The black Bakelite grips are free of chips or cracks. The enamel Hitler Youth diamond in the grip is also without chips or cracks. The pommel shows wear to the plated surface. The leather washer remains in place at the top of the blade. The black scabbard paint is approximately 60% intact. The leather belt loop and grip strap are present, but show wear. The end of the grip strap is broken off just beyond the snap closure button, which does not affect the operation of the strap.