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Pre WWII Marine Corps Guantanamo Bay Photo Album
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A large photograph album that was compiled by a U.S. Marine during his service at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from June of 1939 to December of 1940. The album is 8 1/4 inches wide by 11 1/4 inches long by 1 inch thick. It contains approximately 257 photographs. Most of the photos show Cuba, its scenery and its people (and, not surprisingly, with more photos of the women than the men), and also with many photos of fellow Marines during training or at leisure. There is no identification per se in the album as to the albu's owner, but the first page features a photograph front and center of a Marine identified as "Bernie Blake", and it may well have been his album. Most all of the photographs have hand written captions. The cover is suede leather, with color renderings of the eagle, globe, and anchor insignia as well as of Marines landing on a beach (wearing campaign hats and landing from a long boat, most definitely a pre-WWII album). The first six pages of the album were meant to be autographed by friends, and four of those pages are indeed filled with the names, addresses, and comments of fellow Marines (with gung ho comments such as "Once a Marine, Always a Marine", as opposed to one fellow who wrote the comment that he became a "A Marine 'cause I read too many posters"). The leather cover is somewhat dry, and there are a few photos missing, but overall the album is a fine piece of pre World War II Marine Corps history during the calm before the storm. No doubt many of the Marines who are pictured in this album were in combat in the Pacific within a year or two.