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Exceptional Named Japanese Army 1st Lieut Uniform Set
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A superb example of the uniform of an officer of the Imperial Japanese Army of World War II, comprised of the tailor made tunic, the matching tailored breeches, and the officer's field cap. The uniform and cap are constructed of a very high quality olive green wool. The jacket collar with a matching pair of First Lieutenant collar insignia. The uniform is in truly splendid condition, showing little evidence of wear. The name of the owner is embroidered in kanji using red thread on the interior of the jacket, with the officer's name being "Ihara". Additionally, on the front upper right pocket flap is embroidered in white thread the Japanese word "Sho", or "Small", the significance of which is unknown. The jacket has gilt buttons and a side opening for wear of the Shin Gunto sword. The matching breeches are, like the jacket, in very fine condition. The officer's field cap is similarly excellent in condition and appearance, showing only minimal wear to the interior. The cloth Army star is sewn to the front, and the leather chin strap is retained by gilt buttons bearing the cherry blossom design as worn by officers.