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Exceptional Army Mountain Troops EM/NCO Visor Cap
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An outstanding example of the visor cap of an enlisted ranks or non commissioned officer of the German Army Mountain Troops, the Gebirgsjaeger. The cap is a fine teller shape, constructed of ribbed field gray wool with a dark green cap band. Both the cap band and the crown of the cap are piped in the green waffenfarbe of the gebirgsjaeger branch. Between the wreach and the national eagle is the edelweiss insignia of the mountain troops. The interior of the cap has the full celluloid sweatshield, which is size marked as a size 58. Beneath the sweatband are wo stamps, one being that of the manufacturer, Clemens Wagner, with the date of 1938. The second stamp appears to be a depot stamp with the date of 1939. The cap shows only slight evidence of wear to the interior. Overall the cap is in exceptionally fine condition.