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WWII Navy/USMC Ribbon Bar with "2" Devices
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A very interesting World War II pin back ribbon bar, with the wider, 1/2 inch size ribbons worn by Navy personnel and United States Marines. The bar carries the ribbons for the American Campaign Medal and the European Theater Medal, with a number "2" on each ribbon. The Navy actually authorized 10 separate campaign stars for the American Campaign Medal in World War II, those being for specific anti-submarine operations or for participation in certain specific combat convoys. The U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry reports that some Navy Seabee units in the Pacific received campaign medals with numbers to reflect their campaign participation rather than stars. This ribbon bar likely was worn by a member of the Navy or Marine Corps who served on two of the operations that were authorized to be recognized on the American Campaign Medal with campaign stars. The individual then took part in two operations in Europe that were recognized as campaigns. And then someone got a bit confused as to how that campaign participation was to be reflected on the ribbon bar, with this sailor or Marine wearing a wide ribbon bar on which his campaign participation was reflected by numbers rather than with stars. A fascinating example of the variation that can be found in original World War II American insignia.