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WWI Haller Medal for Polish American Volunteers
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Just as Americans in World War I volunteered to fight for the British in the Royal Air Forde, or for the French in the Foreign Legion or Lafayette Escadrille, there were a number of Polish Americans who traveled to France and who fought the Germans under Polish General Josef Haller as a separate Legion. They were fighting as American citizens in the cause of creating an independent Poland. Most of those who fought in France then fought the Bolsheviks in Poland after the armistice. This is the first style of the Haller Medal, presented to those Americans who fought in France under General Haller in the cause of a free and independent Poland. It is a very fine example of the medal, with very good enamel. There is some wear to the ribbon. The reverse of the medal and suspension are marked "W&H" for the manufacturer of Whitehead & Hoag. A scarce and historic medal in very good condition.