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WWI Model 1895 Baden EM/NCO Pickelhaube
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The pickelhaube is in a largely untouched and uncleaned state. The leather is quite dusty and exhibits the typical age crazing. There has been some age contraction of the leather of the rear visor. However, the stitching is intact and the helmet makes a very good appearance. The spike, front Baden front plate, spine, and front visor edge, are all in toned and uncleaned brass. The Baden state cockade and the national colors cockade are both present. The liner is present on the interior of the helmet, with all tongues intact and the drawstring is in place. There are two holes in the front of the helmet through which the two metal loops of the Baden plate secure it to the helmet. Beneath the liner is a stamped "58", indicating the size of the helmet. There also appears to be a name written by hand below the stamped size. The chin strap is a contemporary replacement in brown, rather than black, leather, and with steel rather than brass fittings. The helmet makes a very good appearance even now in its uncleaned state.