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Named WWII Ship Board Marine Dress Blue Uniform
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An immaculate World War II dress blue uniform comprised of the tunic and trousers. The shoulder bears the patch of a ship board Marine, and it is an example of that patch which is embroidered on wool. The jacket carries Private First Class rank stripes and gilt eagle, globe and anchor insignia on the collar. The interior of the trousers bears the name stamp of "R.D. Dow". This was Raymond Donis Dow, born 7 January, 1924, in Rices Landing, Pennsylvania. He died on 31 January, 2012. (Curiously, the name of "Daniele" is hand written inside the jacket pocket in what appears to be ball point pen. It may be that Private Dow's daughter took the uniform to school for show and tell at some point?)According to his on line obituary, "Mr. Dow was a proud member of the U.S. Marine Corps, having served during World War II aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid." A splendid, complete, and named World War II Marine dress uniform for a Marine who served in combat in the Pacific aboard one of the most noteworthy vessels in the American fleet.