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WWII Phila. Q.M. Depot Funeral Flag 5 x 9 1/2 Feet
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A 48 star American flag of World War II, and of the size that was used for military burials or as the "storm flag" (the flag flown in inclement weather) on a military base. The flag is 5 feet by 9 1/2 feet and it is superbly constructed of cotton bunting, with separately sewn stars and stripes. The flag exhibits all of the characteristics of the American flags that were produced during the war by the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot. In particular, the flag does not have metal grommets on the hoist edge. Instead, each end of the hoist edge has a heavy steel ring that is fastened to the flag by 3 separate copper rivets, a construction trait that was particular to the Philadelphia Depot. The flag is in near mint condition. There is some light age toning to some areas of the white stripes, these likely being removable with a soaking in cold water and Woolite. Overall the flag appears to have seen virtually no use, indicating that it was likely used to drape the coffin of a soldier or Marine who gave his life in World War II. The colors are bright and vibrant and the flag is without any tears, holes, or significant distractions whatsoever.