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Post WWII Army Air Force Photo Albums
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A large photograph album and a large scrap book with photographs and some documentation assembled by Andrew Krainiak, Jr., who served at the end of World War II and in the post war period with the Army Air Force Troop Transport Command and who was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force following the war. The albums contain approximately 370 photographs. Most are military in nature, with numerous photos of C 47 aircraft and personnel. It appears from materials in the albums that Krainiak served as a crew chief in the 303rd Troop Transport Squadron in Europe. The photos include many pictures of C 47 aircraft, both on the ground and in flight. There are quite a few aerial photographs that were obviously taken from inside the aircraft. The documents found in the albums include Krainiak's World War II life insurance policy; his WWII Army Discharge; his certification of a course of pilot training; and his commission as an officer in the U.S. Air Force reserves. Many of the photographs in one album have captions.